C ongratulations on your pregnancy and upcoming birth! I would be delighted to talk with you about massage and doula services, whichever is your need. I have been providing licensed massage to clients since 1997 and doula services since 2002. I have been honored to serve over 400 birthing families and an additional 500 massage clients. I currently serve clients in the Seattle area.

I invite you to browse my site to discover why I might be the best doula for you. As you browse, you’ll find that I am a Jane-of-many-trades as I also teach childbirth education classes, human anatomy (including cadaver lab), have a background in counseling, and am the creator and producer of a delightfully funny comedy show, The Mama-logues: a comedy about motherhood, an annual fundraiser for Open Arms Perinatal Services and WestSide Baby.

I welcome clients from all backgrounds and have experience serving LGBTQQ families, and others, who are utilizing ART to grow their families.

Please check back on the site as I will soon be implementing a free e-class and will be offering my children’s book, A Doula for My Mama, for sale on the site. The class will consist of how-to videos for a number of birth and baby related topics that you won’t likely find elsewhere. These include: how to get comfy for sleep when you are pregnant, managing carpal tunnel pain, managing leg cramps, massage for a gassy/constipated baby, scar massage and more. In the meantime, if you are wrestling with a prenatal or postnatal ache or pain, feel free to give me a call. I can talk you though many of these techniques on the phone and I do not charge for this service!