Childbirth Preparation

I am currently teaching Birth and Parenting Preparation classes through Great Starts Parent Trust for Washington Families.  They are a fantastic non-profit organization which offers a variety of classes for new and expecting parents.  The Birth Preparation classes that I teach typically meet for four Saturday mornings and meet at either UW Medical Roosevelt or North campuses.  I try to take you ‘beyond the book,’ by designing classes that are highly experiential, fun and confidence building.

Birth Doula Skills Workshop

I am an instructor for The Simkin Center for Allied Birth Professionals and a DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainer. Please visit The Simkin Center for upcoming dates.

Hands on Support for Pregnant and Birthing Women

Research shows that pregnant and postpartum women and their babies benefit from supportive touch. This course is designed for anyone in a support role with a pregnant woman (partners, doulas, midwives, nurses, close friends or relatives, etc.) looking to learn and develop respectful, safe and effective skills for using touch to support, reassure, and relax a new or expecting mother.

Course topics include:

  • Benefits of touch during pregnancy and post-partum
  • Physiology of touch and stress
  • How touch impacts the giver
  • Safe touch, boundaries and permission
  • “Listening” with your hands
  • Contraindications for touch during pregnancy and post-partum
  • Overview of common pregnancy and post-partum pain patterns, causes and compensations
  • Positioning for comfort
  • When and how to refer
  • Hands on techniques and how they work
  • How to use what is in the doula resource bag
  • Resources for additional learning

This course has been presented in conjunction with The Simkin Center for Allied Birth Professions and Bastyr University.

Human Cadaver Lab for the Curious

I am a big fan of the human body and would love everyone to become more intimately acquainted with its inner workings. Have you always wanted to know more about how the human body works? The Cadaver Anatomy experience is a rare opportunity to visit the interior of the human body. It is a great privilege to study anatomy using the human body as a tool. Often, students begin this class feeling nervous and concerned about their reactions. I bring a wealth of experience, a deep respect and an amazing amount of enthusiasm to the class so that students leave having had an experience that will forever change the mental images they have about our bodies and our world.

This class is can be adapted for any level of anatomical knowledge. Prior instruction in human anatomy and physiology is helpful but not necessary for this class. Remedial readings will be sent to students prior to the class to increase their familiarity with the human body and how it works. Please contact me for additional information.