Other Services

Placenta Encapsulation

Have you heard about this? Are you thinking, ‘What the heck?’

This certainly isn’t for everyone. Around the world people engage in a variety of traditions aimed at honoring the organ that nourished your baby in utero. Traditional Chinese medicine has been using human placenta for hundreds of years – perhaps longer. It has been used to alleviate anxiety and fatigue, replace lost iron and nutrients in postpartum women, prevent postpartum depression and even as treatment for sexual dysfunction in men. While some published information states that these benefits come from the high hormonal concentrations in the placenta, I believe that they more directly related to energetic medicine. I would be happy to have a longer discussion with you about this if you are interested.

Prepared correctly, there appear to be few negative side effects to ingesting placenta. Shaking and anxiousness has been experienced by some people ingesting placenta. Clients should stop taking the placenta if this occurs. If the symptoms end, they may have been placenta related, if not, a postpartum mood disorder may the cause. Additionally, some lactation consultants have instructed parents to stop taking placenta in cases of true insufficient milk supply.

None of these claims have been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration, nor is this information meant to diagnose or treat, and families who choose to utilize this service take full responsibility for using the placenta at your own risk (and yes, I have to include this language).

For clients who are interested, I can come to your home to wash, prepare and dehydrate your placenta. I then leave you with instructions on how to grind it and fill capsules with your resulting placenta powder. I bring gloves, herbs, capsules and bleach solution to clean up.  I use your cookware and knives and of course clean anything that I use.

Please contact me if you have questions about this service. I typically only provide this service for my doula clients but am happy to refer you to other providers.


Mother/Parent Blessing Ceremonies

I bet you are having lots of baby showers! What a wonderful way to help out new parents and welcome a new baby – but what about you? When a baby is born so is a parent. American culture does not have many ways to honor or acknowledge this amazing and enormous transition. A Mother/Parent Blessing Ceremony can help support parents during labor and parenting. It can serve as a reminder of connectedness to other parents and of the support in their community.

I can help you design and facilitate your unique Blessing Ceremony. The intent of the ceremony is to have wise women/parents in your life gather to show their support for your transition. We will work together to design a ceremony that will allow you to gather the wisdom of these wise people in your life, have a visible show of their support and any other goal you set for the blessing. Some ideas from other Blessing Ceremonies include: poetry sharing, creation of a birthing bracelet, massaging or lifting the mother, creating a belly cast, letters to the baby about how wonderful their mother/parent is, candle lighting. These ceremonies can also include partners, siblings.

Fees for this service vary depending on the amount of involvement you would like of me. Please contact me to discuss your ideas and needs.